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Welcome to the Honigmayr Honey Factory!

At Honigmayr in Tenneck, the clocks tick differently. It’s not the quantity, but the quality of the honey counts. The honey bee and the beekeeper set the pace – and the fabulous taste of the honey is our secret of success. These varietal flavours do not just simply come about:

they require know-how, routine and a lot of love for the craft. Honigmayr calls the tune in the honey quality orchestra and refines one of mankind’s oldest foods to distinguished selections and regionally typical honeys such as blossom honey, forest honey or acacia honey.

100% Natural

We put a lot of love into every honey jar— the taste speaks for itself!

Popular since 1920

Outstanding honey quality from Austria is the trademark of our company since 1920.
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The best honey

Honigmayr stands for selected beekeepers, bio quality and real passion for honey.
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Here at our honey factory in Tenneck, the honey jars are packaged and prepared for our customers by hand. This is especially important to us because this is still, simply the best form of quality control. For us, honey as a natural product is the most valuable treasure in the world – and this is exactly the philosophy that we want you to taste in our Honigmayr selections.

Should you want to take a look behind the scenes, then browse through our website. Here you can find out everything about our company’s history dating back to 1920, our quality philosophy, the manufacturing process as well as our different types of honey ranging from Honey Classics to the Home Selection, the Organic Selection and off course our Fine Selection.

Organic Selection

We use only the best organic honey for the Honigmayr Honey Factory Organic Selection. To ensure that the high-quality honey also retains its characteristic flavours, it is further processed in a particularly gentle manner. The results are taste-intensive honey creations such as Organic Blossom Honey, Organic Forest Honey and Organic Creamy Honey.

Homeland Selection

Here, 100% Austrian honey comes into our Honigmayr jars. As a traditional company, we have a particularly strong commitment to promote local beekeepers. In our Honigmayr Home Selection, we process the highest quality Austria Virgin Honey to Blossom Honey, Creamy Honey and Forest Honey.

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