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Sepp Mayr laid the foundations for our honey-making business here in Werfen. With his passion for bee-keeping and honey as a natural product, he forged one of the most impressive success stories in the Austrian food industry.


Throughout the 100 years of its history, the company has STRIVED FOR PERFECTION

Only the world’s best honeys go into our jars. Our standards are set by the best honey made by bees. What may sound like a matter of course involves extremely hard work and dedication. We bring all our energy and passion to each jar of honey. Whether it is classic blossom honey, aromatic organic forest honey, citrus blossom honey, organic blossom honey or creamed honey, we check each jar of honey manually to assess the quality. That ensures that only the highest-quality honey finds its way to your breakfast table.


In this year, company founder Sepp Mayr wrote the first chapter in the business’s history with bee-keeping and filling the company’s own honey. He had illustrious customers from early on: even Archduke Eugen, the former owner of Hohenwerfen Castle, trusted in Sepp Mayr’s premium-quality honey. Accordingly, Sepp Mayr paved the way for the company’s success and his name remains inextricably linked with the business.


Halmut Gratschmaier followed in the distinguished footsteps of Sepp Mayr and Josef Gruber and took the helm of the company. He brought Honigmayr international renown. Halmut Gratschmaier turned the honey-making business into a brand with international prestige and established collaborations with well-known partners and large trade companies throughout Europe. As a result, Honigmayr become one of the most popular honey brands in Austria and is integral to the food retail business and the food processing industry, as well as a staple in the most renowned restaurants and hotels.


Since 2019, the Honigmayr honey factory has belonged to the Spitz family business, which is based in Upper Austria. The successful and long-standing business in Attnang-Puchheim encompasses a wide range of brands, including Spitz, Gasteiner mineral water, Auer, Blaschke, Puchheimer and GOAL. The Honigmayr honey factory continues to be based in Tenneck in the state of Salzburg.


Josef Gruber, the founder’s nephew, took charge of the company and turned the company he inherited from his uncle into a business specialising in honey filling. The customers included regional food traders, mainly based in the states of Salzburg and Tyrol. It was during this time that the company’s distinctive bear logo, which is still used today, was created. Josef Gruber set a further milestone in his era by arranging the first direct imports from abroad, which was a true sensation in Austria at that time.


This year marked the next milestone in Honigmayr’s history. Ongoing modernisation was crowned by relocation of the honey factory to the new company building in Tenneck, where it remains today. That enabled the company’s own infrastructure to be adapted to meet new market requirements. As a result, the quality of the honey processing could be further optimised. A new chapter in Honigmayr’s success story was written and we look forward to its continuation in the future.

Our range
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To ensure that the high-quality honey retains its characteristic aromas, it is processed with exceptional care.