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Creamed Blossom Honey from Austria

This fine honey speciality with a soft, creamy consistency, which results from slow, gentle stirring of raw blossom honey from Austria, is a great favourite among children. But for young and old alike, Honigmayr Creamed Blossom Honey is sure to hit the spot as a spread. Relish the taste of Austrian honey! Also available in a 500g jar.

100% from Austria

  • Aroma:

    Delicate and mild, creamy taste. Distinctively light colour

  • Available from:

    BillaPlus, Billa

  • Weight:


  • Note:

    Honey is classed as a raw foodstuff and is not suitable for infants under the age of one.

  • Storage:

    Store at room temperature in a dry place protected against heat.

  • Organic certificate:


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