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Organic Forest Honey

The combination of honeydew collected by bees with fine blossom nectar is the secret behind delicious organic honey of the highest quality. The result is our delightfully intense organic forest honey with organic blossom honey that is sourced exclusively from certified organic bee-keepers. The distinctive taste of this delicacy comes into its own on a slice of dark bread, but also lends a certain something to salad dressings and dark sauces to accompany meat dishes.

Organic according to EU organic council regulation

  • Aroma:

    Intense, spicy aroma, colour range varying from reddish brown to dark brown

  • Available from:

    BillaPlus, gurkerl.at, wholesale for the gastronomy sector

  • Weight:


  • Note:

    Honey is classed as a raw foodstuff and is not suitable for infants under the age of one.

  • Storage:

    Store at room temperature in a dry place protected against heat.

  • Organic certificate:

    AT-BIO-402EU-/Non-EU agriculture

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