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Blossom honey from Austria

Honigmayr Blossom Honey from Austria – a honey speciality made from the finest blossom nectar, gathered by bees in Austrian meadows. The fruity and floral aromas of the Austrian blossom honey not only enhance hot tea in winter, but also lend home-made ice teas, smoothies and granola that certain something. Relish the taste of honey from Austria! Also available in a 500g jar.

100% from Austria

  • Aroma:

    Flowery, fruity aroma, colour range varies depending on the season and harvest.

  • Available from:


  • Weight:


  • Note:

    Honey is classed as a raw foodstuff and is not suitable for infants under the age of one.

  • Storage:

    Store at room temperature in a dry place protected against heat.

  • Organic certificate:


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