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Gastro Edition

Whether at the breakfast buffet, tea bar in the wellness segment or as an ingredient in fine cocktail specialities, Honigmayr’s honey is integral to the hotel and restaurant sector. Products specifically designed to meet the needs of customers in the gastronomy sector underline our expertise as a partner to hotels and restaurants.

Honey from Austria

Only the finest Austrian honey from trusted bee-keepers in Austria is included in our Honigmayr Austria range. The bees harvest the valuable nectar from the fields, forests and meadows in our surroundings, guaranteeing the highest-quality honey from Austria.

Honey specialities

When our honey pioneers began scouting for honey specialities in the premium regions worldwide in the 1960s and importing them, it was a true sensation in Austria. The name Honigmayr has since become synonymous with delicious and unique specialities from the marvellous world of honey. From valuable manuka honey from New Zealand and mellow citrus blossom honey with honey from Greece or agave syrup from Mexico as a vegan alternative to honey, they are all brought to your breakfast table by Honigmayr’s unique pioneering spirit and commitment to pure, unadulterated quality.

The honey classic

The highest quality standards and years-long experience and knowledge of our bee-keepers result in select honeys with particularly fine notes. The diverse honey varieties in the Honigmayr Classic line will delight honey lovers with their distinctive tastes. From mellow blossom honey and delicate creamed honey to intense forest honey, the selected classics are perfect for almost every occasion.

The purest organic honey

Only the best honey from verified organic bee-keeping is used for Honigmayr’s strictly selected and verified organic selection. Due to the gentle treatment, the organic honeys in our organic range retain their full and distinctive tastes. Honigmayr is fully committed to respectful working in harmony with nature.

Blossom Honey Individual portions

20g / 120 individual portions in each box
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Organic Forest Honey

with Blossom Honey 500g jar
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We take quality and transparency seriously

Honigmayr’s entire organic range has been certified by Lacon GmbH. That means that our organic honey satisfies the strict rules of the EU Organic Production Regulation and is regularly checked by the organic inspection body. When our honey is labelled “organic”, that means it is 100% organic!

The IFS certificate serves as an audit of food safety and the quality standards of food production companies. Honigmayr’s honey-making process satisfies all the requirements of the International Food Standard for food safety and product quality.

When “Austria” is on the label, that means the product is 100% from Austria. We source our Austrian honey exclusively from selected, regional bee-keepers that we have worked together with for many years.