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Honey Trio

50g each of three honey varieties in one pack. The Honigmayr Honey Trio consists of the popular Honigmayr honey classics, Blossom Honey and Forest Honey, joined by our extremely tasty honey special, Citrus Blossom Honey. Not only is the Honey Trio the perfect option for all lovers of diverse honey flavours, but it also lends itself as a delicious culinary gift for family and friends. The honey trio is not only the perfect option for all friends of varied honey enjoyment, but is also ideal as a delicious culinary gift for family and friends.

  • Aroma:

    Blossom honey: Flowery, fruity aroma, colour range varies depending on the season and harvest.
    Forest Honey: Intense, spicy aroma, colour range varying from reddish brown to dark brown
    Citrus Blossom Honey: Light colour with hints of gold, subtle sweetness, delicately tangy aroma

  • Available from:

    BillaPlus, Billa, MPreis

  • Weight:

    3 x 50g

  • Note:

    Honey is classed as a raw foodstuff and is not suitable for infants under the age of one.

  • Storage:

    Store at room temperature in a dry place protected against heat.

  • Organic certificate:


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