Interesting Facts

Do bees have enemies?

Bees have natural enemies as well. To find out what they are, continuing reading our honey blog over the predators of bees.

  • Wasps need meat to feed their brood and they do so by catching their prey or invading a beehive to snack on their sweet honey.

  • Hornets catch bees while they collect nectar or invade their hive and cause chaos.

  • Bee beetles belong to the species of digger wasps. They catch bees and bring them back to their brood chamber where it is then served to its larvae.

  • Spiders, on the other hand, catch bees in their webs.

  • Varroa mites are parasites that prey on bees and weaken them. They can destroy a whole bee colony, making the Varroa mite the biggest threat to bees worldwide.

  • Man makes life for bees very hard with pesticides. Honey bees collect nectar tainted with insecticides, which, in worse case scenarios, can have a disastrous outcome for a bee colony. Pesticides affect bee’s sense of direction, harm the brood, and weaken their immune systems.