Honey varieties of Honigmayr

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Honigmayr Selections

Homeland Selection

Only the finest Austrian honey from our domestic beekeepers is embodied in our Honigmayr Homeland Selection. The bees harvest the precious nectar from fields, forests and meadows in our surrounding area, guaranteeing the best Austrian honey of the highest quality. Combine that with the perfect cooperation between man and nature, in turn, ensuring the pollination and preservation of our native crops

The Honigmayr Homeland Selection is available in varieties such as flower blossom honey, cream honey, as well as forest honey mixed with blossom honey. Find them all here in our online shop!

Bio Selection

Only the best honey from monitored organic apiculture is used for the strictly selected and controlled Bio Selection from Honigmayr. Working in unison with nature is a high priority at Honigmayr and that is why, through the careful processing of our Bio Selection, the bio honey maintains its all natural varietal flavour.

The Honigmayr Bio Selection spans the bio honey varieties
bio-flower honey
bio forest honey
bio cream honey
bio forest/flower honey as well as
bio acacia/flower honey.

Fill up on your honey reserves now with our exquisite Bio Selection. Find them all here in our online shop!

Fine Selection

The high quality standards and the long term knowledge of our beekeepers give rise to choice honeys with especially elegant effects for the Fine Selection. The diverse honey varieties of Honigmayr’s Fine Selection win honey enthusiasts over with their particularly delicate variety typical taste. Among the Fine Selection, our honey manufactory also offers the ever popular seasonal honeys in special flavors.

Blossom honey, forest honey, cream honey and acacia/blossom honey make up the classics of our Fine Selection while seasonal specialties like cilantro honey, linden/blossom honey, rosemary honey, and citrus blossom honey complete the collection. Whether it’s for breakfast or a delicious give away or a tasty gift, the Fine Selection honey trio comprised of blossom honey, wild honey and mountain honey in practical 67g portions are a highlight.

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