Honey is more for us than just a food product!

Honey as a matter of honour

Almost one hundred years of business history shaped by the strive for perfection

A Salzburg family owned business with a long traditio

Only the best honey in the world makes it into our jars. Because the best natural honey is only just good enough for us. What sounds so obvious is extremely hard work. We put all our energy and passion into every honey jar, whether its our classic flower blossom honey from Austria , aromatic bio forest honey, acacia honey, bio flower blossom honey or cream honey—every jar is inspected by hand and the quality is checked. Only then can we be sure that the highest quality honey lands on your breakfast table.

From beekeeping to the most popular honey
manufacturer in Austria

In 1920 company founder Sepp Mayr started the first chapter of business history with beekeeping and the bottling of his very own honey. From the very beginning he had an illustrious customer base, even Archduke Eugen, the former heir of Hohenwerfen castle, trusted in Sepp Mayr’s honey. As a result, he laid the foundation for the success story and that is why his name will always be synonymous with honey manufacturing.


In 1958 Josef Gruber, the nephew of the founder, took over the business and transformed his uncle’s legacy into a special operation for honey bottling. The customer base included regional food retailers predominantly situated in Salzburg and Tirol. Around this time the distinct bear company logo, that is still found on the product today, was also developed.


In 1979 Halmut Gratschmaier followed in the footsteps of Sepp Mayr and Josef Gruber to become the new managing director, who to this day, successfully runs the company with life and passion for honey and his beekeepers. He bestowed Honigmayr with international prestige. Under his leadership, Halmut Gratschmaier has made the honey manufacturer to an internationally renown brand and merged many cooperations with well known partners and commercial enterprises throughout Europe. That is how Honigmayr became the most popular brand of honey in Austria and is a regular staple in grocery stores in the processing food industry and in the trendiest restaurants and hotels.


The next big mile stone for Honigmayr happened in 1996. The honey manufacturer moved its company base to Tenneck, their present day location, highlighting the crowning moment of their modernization process. In this way, the infrastructure was adjusted to the demands of the new brand needs. Consequently, the quality level of the honey processing could be raised to a brand new standard. Thus, a new chapter begins for Honigmayr and the honey manufacturer is looking forward to a successful future.


From Werfen into the great big world

In former days, Sepp Mayr laid the first foundations of our honey manufactory in Werfen. With his passion for apiculture and all natural honey, he shaped one of the most impressive success stories of the Austrian food industry.

Honigmayr Zentrale

The most popular honey producer in Austria!

The taste of pure nature

The “liquid gold” is our elixir of life. Natural honey belongs to the highest valued food products that are made. Our company thrives on the basis of an intact environment fuelled by our knowledge and work. Without a healthy environment, bee colonies of our planet would not be able to produce all natural honey. That is why we process our honey with the utmost respect and select the best beekeepers from around the world to produce honey for us with their own individual style.

Every type of honey has its own characteristic nuances of flavor—from mild, smooth and floral to sweet or spicy and bitter. In Tenneck we work with extreme diligence and dedication and we respect the extraordinary features of all natural honey. We work with the most diverse varieties of honey such as flower blossom honey, bio forest honey, bio-acacia honey or cream honey with their variety-typical flavours. We refine the raw honey with our decades old experience to the outstanding products available from Honigmayr.

“We love honey! Thats why we are available to you
worldwide to provide you with the best
honey imaginable.”

The principles that we uphold in our company

Honey is our passion

Quality without compromise:

Honigmayr stands for the best quality natural honey— for almost 100 years!

Personal contact to our beekeepers:

one essential factor for quality awareness at Honigmayr is the personal contact to our international beekeepers

100% natural honey— 100% flavor:

when you open our honey jar and spread original Honigmayr honey on your bread you’ll be amazed by its taste

Teamwork for the best honey:

To constantly keep our quality level at its highest standards we work together because only when all the clogs fit together can we produce the best—for you and your honey enjoyment!